TLD ACU-802-CUP Air Conditioner


The TLD ACU-802 is a portable air conditioning unit suitable for single connection aircrafts. It has the adequate capacity to maintain cabin temperatures on any narrow or medium bodied aircraft. This design features a rotary screw compressor which continuously adjusts its pumping capacity to accommodate the demand. It also has a 127-gallon diesel fuel tank which provides for more than ten hours of operation. No pump down cycle is required. Simplified operating controls.

  • Cooling Capacity: 115 Nominal Tons Refrigeration
  • Air Flow – Single Outlet: to 400 lb/min (182 kg/min)
  • Air Flow – Dual Outlet: to 700 lb/min (318 kg/min)
  • Heating Capacity of H-CUP: 750,000 btu/hr (220 kW)

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