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Mercury GSE is a LAX USA based corporation supplying Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Worldwide


Sales - New & Used


As part of our worldwide distribution service, we handle parts from America’s finest ground support equipment manufacturers, including JBT/FMC Aerotech(FMC), TLD America, NMC Wollard, Tug Technologies, Clyde Machines and Wasp. We specialize in larger items such as loaders, aircraft tow tractors and air starters. We continuously maintain an inventory of approximately 250 pieces of “like new” equipment that can be delivered to clients on short notice.

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Rentals - New & Used


This division, which is based close to LAX, CA, handles the rental of ground support equipment to the aviation industry all over the world. Our large inventory of in-stock equipment available for long term rent allows us to offer start-up operations and ground handlers the right equipment for any aircraft at very affordable rates.

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Overhaul Services


We refurbish equipment to “like new” condition, often stripping units down to the frame and re-assembling them. The process can often double the machine’s service life. We rebuild all makes of equipment and are currently reconditioning a fleet of towbarless tractors. New air quality requirements in the US will necessitate upgrading our gas and diesel fleet to Tier-II and III, a service we offer to all our customers.

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We are full service specialists, in the ground support equipment sector. We are here to cater to the every need of an aviation company.

Our senior technicians are available to commission equipment and train operators at your location.

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What our clients say

  • We were using our current Airstarter after delivery of the rental. The rental was intended as a backup if our unit failed. I was just informed today that our unit has failed, your unit functioned flawlessly and we were able to seamlessly transition without interruption to our operations. -Boeing, Tool Services Analyst  
  • Through the course of my investigations I have come across a GREAT supplier, Mercury GSE, and I would like to recommend them to you.
  • Mercury can provide new, used and refurbished equipment. They do the overhauls on-site in Los Angeles. I watched some of it. Very impressive. Mercury can provide nearly any brand and any type of equipment. They are truly a one stop shop!
  • The best part of Mercury is its president Ron Spiegel. He is a British Ex Pat…been in the U.S. for 30 years. They have a sister company in the U.K. Curt and I spent a morning in L.A. with him a couple weeks ago. He provided an incredible solution for us to help us quote on 7 pieces of GSE to one of our accounts. He REALLY knows the GSE business, and happens to be a great guy!
  • Thanks to you and Ron for this MAJOR transaction. Inform Ron the TLD Towbarless Tractor is doing great!
  • Thank you for all your effort finding a way to bring improved value to us. Please let your Mercury Team know that the great customer service is appreciated.


Mercury GSE: Quality Aircraft Tugs and Other Ground Support Equipment

It doesn’t matter if you own a large or a small aircraft, you are going to need an airplane tug to move the plane in and out of its hangar quickly and easily.

Thankfully, Mercury GSE has been closely involved in all aspects of ground support equipment and the ground handling industry for a number of years.

In this way, you can be sure that we will be able to provide you with the exact equipment to fit your needs.

Advantages of an Aircraft Tug from Mercury GSE

There are many benefits to purchasing an airplane tug; some of these include:

  • Effective Alternative: This product eliminates the need for you to physically push and/or pull the airplane into the hangar.
  • Affordable prices: We offer competitive prices for all of our products. In addition, if you are looking for used ground support equipment, our experienced employees are able to refurbish all makes and models to virtually brand new condition.

About Mercury Service and GSE Equipment

Mercury Service has been in business since the late 1940s offering aircraft ground support services; but it was in 1988 that Ron Spiegel bought the GSE division, creating Mercury GSE and decided to specialize in the rental and sale of aircraft ground support equipment to clients from all over the world. Since then we have gained a reputation for quality products, affordable prices, and friendly customer service. Using only the top manufacturer’s such as FMC/JBT, TLD America, WASP, CLYDE and NMC Wollard we remain a leader in providing the equipment you need at the prices you want.

We offer a large inventory of available aviation ground support equipment at affordable rates. Some of these include:

  • FMC/JBT Cargo Loaders
  • FMC Commander
  • TLD/Hobart Ground Power Units
  • Toyota, TUG and Harlan Baggage Tractors
  • Aircraft Air Conditioners
  • Aircraft Belt Loaders
  • Airstarters

In addition, our company is made up of two divisions to provide our clients with prompt and courteous service.

Rental division: This division is based in California and takes care of the airport equipment rentals to global customers in the aviation industry.

Sales division: This division supplies used GSE worldwide such as items like aircraft tow tractors and aircraft loaders.