TLD LSP-900-V-E Electric Lavatory Truck


The TLD LSP-900-V-E electric lavatory truck has been developed to reduce emissions and use clear energy sources. It is a fully electric powered vacuum aircraft lavatory servicing vehicle. Because there is no fuel consumption, it is economical because there is reduced maintenance especially in terms of lubrication oil and filter replacements. It also has an efficient self-propelled TLD chassis creating a lower total cost of ownership. The unit has a 900 gallon (3400 L) total tank capacity (600 gallon waste tank + 300 gallon rising tank)

  • Able to service up to 1xA380 (554 gallon), 2×747-8 (300 gallon), 3xA330 (184.92 gallon), almost 20xA320 (30.91 gallon) or even 35xB737 (17 gallon).
  • High capacity (600Ah) lead-acid or Li-Ion batteries enable the equipment to travel for up to 75 km whilst fully loaded and on a single charge.
  • No engine noise during operation  ensuring a smooth acceleration with no vibration at all, improving operator comfort.

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