TLD GPU-418 Ground Power Unit (180 kVA)


The TLD GPU-418 is a 400 Hz ground power unit which features a brushless revolving field generator. The high-efficiency generator runs at an optimized 1846 RPM providing improved fuel efficiency and reduced sound level while ensuring rapid transient response. The chassis of the unit is composed of rugged galvanized steel with fifth wheel steering and powder-coated sheet metal panels. The unit meet United States and Europe’s latest emission standards.

  • 180 kVA
  • 144 kilowatts
  • 520 rated amps
  • Length (towbar up) – 168” (4267 mm)
  • Width – 60” (1524 mm)
  • Height – 71” (1803 mm)
  • Weight – 7460 lbs. (3391 kg.)

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