TLD GPU-28V Ground Power Unit


The 28V ground power unit is a very rugged, and quiet unit that provides 800 amps of continuous and 2000 amps peak for aircraft engine starting. The powerful engine ensures good performance in the worst overload applications. The GPU-28V features a brushless revolving field DC generator, a rubber torsion axle-mounted chassis of rugged galvanized steel construction with fifth wheel steering, power-coated aluminum doors and fiberglass enclosures. The GPU-28V meets U.S. and Europe’s latest emissions standards.

  • 24 volt starting motor
  • Heavy-duty spark arrestor/silencer
  • Pusher type fan
  • Full-flow lubricating oil filter
  • Dry-type air cleaner
  • (2) 12-volt batteries
  • Full-flow fuel filter
  • Low coolant shutdown

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