TLD ACU-804-CUP Air Conditioner


The TLD ACU-804 is a portable air conditioning unit suitable for single connection aircrafts. It has the adequate capacity to maintain cabin temperatures on any narrow or medium bodied aircraft. This design features a rotary screw compressor which continuously adjusts its pumping capacity to accommodate the demand. It also has a hydraulically driven condenser fan that exhausts waste heat directly upward making it immune to performance fluctuations due to varying wind conditions and minimizing heat and noise radiated to the immediate ramp area.

  • Cooling Capacity: 65 Nominal Tons Refrigeration
  • Air Flow: to 375 lb/min (170 kg/min)
  • Heating Capacity of H-CUP: 350,000 btu/hr (103 kW)
  • Weight: 9,700 lbs (4,410 kg)

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