We’re Taking Flight

With three days to network, gain new insights and build lasting relationships, Mercury GSE welcomed the opportunity to grow its customer base at Aviation Week’s MRO Americas Conference.

Mercury GSE provides dependable ground support equipment rentals, leasing, sales, service and rebuilding to aviation-industry professionals so they can perform core functions successfully without interruptions.

We’re always happy to work with United Rentals and were excited to co-exhibit with them at the conference.

One thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind is how the aviation industry is changing. We spoke with other industry professions and got their take on how they see the industry moving.

“There is so much demand for lift right now,” said Tim Kissel, Director of Maintenance at Kalitta Air. “I think we’re going to be flying a lot of hours in the coming years.”

“What we’ve seen over the past few years is a lot of push down on suppliers to be more responsible for their product from a long-term maintenance and support,” said Jason Cohn, Aftermarket Service professional at L3Harris.

All-in-all, Mercury GSE enjoyed additional exposure in the east coast and looks forward to expanding into new markets, acquiring new equipment and the aviation industry taking flight once again.

With two state-of-the-art maintenance and production facilities near Las Angeles International Airport and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Mercury GSE has the support team to ensure your ground operations run smoothly. Learn more about our rentals, leasing, sales, service and rebuilding by visiting mercurygse.com or calling us at 866-MY-GSE-CO.