Starting the Year Right

Excited to announce that Team Mercury GSE got to kick off the new year with one of our biggest projects yet. Our team had the unique opportunity to assist the Qatar Air Force with loading an aircraft Drone onto a Qatarian C-17.

This project was a company-wide effort. Each one of our employees worked together to put together the perfect plan to execute such a large operation. After two weeks of intensive planning we traveled to Long Beach Airport to carry out this project. Our team was honored to be chosen to take on such a large responsibility. When we arrived, we got right to work. With 9 technicians working to execute this plan, it took the whole weekend to complete. We used our Commander 30i Cargo Loader to serve this unique purpose but made it happen flawlessly. Also, being at Long Beach Airport for this specific job was a unique experience because Long Beach was the birthplace of the C-17.

We are so proud of our team working tirelessly to execute this operation with the professionalism and speed we always promise. No matter how big or small an operation is, our team can always promise to deliver the same quality of work, and that showed after completing this project.

Helping You Choose the Best Ground Support Equipment

One of the unique aspects of the services we provide at Mercury GSE is the ability for our customers to try out different makes, models, styles, and designs of ground support equipment no matter how long you need it for.

While we do offer sales of aircraft ground support equipment, having a sales division devoted to help our customers and clients getting just what they need, we also offer a rental division to best meet your needs.

For many airport managers or professionals in the aviation industry, knowing the type, model and size of ground support equipment needed at any given airport is a challenge. Most of them don’t want to purchase oversized equipment that ends up costing more to run and is bulkier with less maneuverability than smaller models. On the other hand, most professionals also don’t want to purchase too small of equipment that can’t handle times of peak demands.

Renting May Be Just What You Need.

Using the rental services we offer, you can take advantage of both our small and large aircraft ground support equipment, no matter how long you need it for. Our large offering of equipment allows use to be able to accommodate almost all of your needs.

We offer everything from cargo loaders and belt loaders to air starts, air conditioners, tractors and tugs as well as stair trucks and ground power units. With the option to try one or more models and brands, and even do a side by side comparison in the actual conditions the equipment will be used, you can make a more informed choice and a better overall purchase for your needs.

High-Quality Services, No Matter Your Budget

In business since 1988, Mercury GSE today is comprised of experienced, professional, and highly knowledgeable staff in both our rental and sales divisions. Our services also include rebuilding and equipment refurbishing.

Our staff will work closely with you to discuss your needs, budget, and current aircraft ground equipment. In assessing your current equipment and needs with our experts, you may discover refurbishing is the most cost effective option for you. Our technicians are dedicated to bringing all refurbished equipment up to quality standards to make sure it works like new.

For other customers, your best option may be to replace your existing equipment with new ones. If this isn’t in your current budget, you have the ability to rent our equipment, which will allow you to keep operating normally up until the purchase.

No matter the service you choose, all of our equipment is paired with our customer service, and professional experience that will exceed your expectations.

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