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Zero Time Rebuilding

Zero Timing/Equipment Refurbishing

Do you love the look and feel of new equipment? Working with new equipment can have a big impact on the performance and quality and we do our part to try and give you the best refurbishing options possible.

We offer the option to refurbish equipment to “like new” condition, often stripping units down to the frame and re-assembling them. The process can often double the machine’s service life and help you with your ground support productivity.

In some cases, the option to refurbish equipment is absolutely necessary. New air quality requirements in the US will necessitate upgrading our gas and diesel fleet to Tier-II and Tier-III, a service we offer to all our customers.

As with all our products, we guarantee the quality and timeliness of our service refurbishing your equipment. Our goal with refurbishing is to help you save money and be more productive with the equipment you already have.