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Ground Power Units

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Ground Power Units: Efficient and Reliable

Mercury GSE is proud to offer the Hobart Ground Power, one of the most efficient and fuel smart ground power units on the market. Safe and reliable, cold weather tolerant and easy to move, this ground power unit is rugged and sturdy. Our ground support equipment is the finest in the country, and at Mercury GSE, our goal is to provide you with safe, dependable and easy to use aircraft GSE.

Hobart Quality

Our Hobart GPUs are trailer mounted, and can supply your power needs where you need it and when you need it. Each piece in our fleet undergoes thorough testing by our technicians. This rigorous testing determines the condition of every GPU, and assures quality, high performance and reliability. Our technicians are backed by our 30 years of experience to ensure the integrity of our fleet:

  • Diesel Powered
  • User Friendly Panels
  • 400 Hz Power

Mercury GSE Excellence

Our portfolio of clients and track record is the building block of the trust you can place is us. Our work and your work are critical to the airline industry, and excellence is the only acceptable standard for us. The strong reputation and technology behind Hobart Ground Power helps us leverage great products and make them available to you. Pair this with Mercury’s engineering know-how, it gives our units the finest power in the industry.


Suitable for any aircraft platform under the most stressful weather conditions and maintained by the company founded by the legendary Flying Tigers, our GSE equipment creates the industry standard. We supply you with nothing but the most efficient, clean, reliable and rugged equipment in the industry, which are supported by the most trustworthy names in aviation ground support.