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Aircraft Tow Tractors

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Need Heavy-Duty Aircraft Tow Tractors in Good Condition?

Push back tractors are an essential part of ground support. Since using aircraft engines to reposition airplanes on ground level is often hazardous, heavy-duty tow tractors are needed to facilitate the process. Mercury GSE supplies tow tractors for rent or for sale, and provides growing and established businesses alike with access to aircraft GSE.

Available Tractor Models

Our aircraft tow tractors make up a large portion of our overall equipment stock. With so many models available, you’re sure to find the appropriate airplane tug for your application. Whether your goal is to rent or purchase an airplane tractor, Mercury GSE is your trusted source for airport ground support equipment. Some of our available models include:

  • FMC B-600 Aircraft Tow Tractor
  • United SM 160 Tow Tractor
  • Wollard 140D Aircraft Pushback Tractor
  • 2002 TUG MT120
  • JBT AeroTech B1200
  • 1999 FMC B1200

Fully Serviced and Ready to Go

When it comes to aircraft tow tractor features, there are assortments to choose from. Based on the model you rent or purchase, you’ll enjoy efficiency, space, and enhanced productivity. Each of our tractors is fully serviced, as well as repaired and painted wherever necessary. Many aircraft push back tractors come equipped with four-wheel drive, ramp readiness, full cab and doors and more.

Your Needs are Paramount

Our technicians go the extra mile to purvey only the highest quality aircraft ground support equipment to customers – tow tractors included. So, when you need an aircraft tug you can depend on for sturdiness, seamless operation, and good condition, be sure to rely on a company that puts their customers’ needs and requirements first.